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Concrete Construction Magazine


In The News
From Levi: "My father and I were very fortunate and placed on the cover of Concrete Construction magazine for the World of Concrete 2006 issue. Of all the photos and activity going on at the World of Concrete to be place on the cover was such an honor. I can truly say, “It doesn't get much better then that."

Following very close to the World of Concrete and Concrete Construction magazine was being placed in Bob Harris' Concrete Overlay publication with three projects showcased in the book.

Also included was being interviewed and photographed for my work on white cement in the Concrete Decor magazine.

Concrete Decor Magazine - Using White Cement
Bob Harris Concrete Overlays and Toppings
Ramp Style Concrete Countertop Sink Mold
Original Oval Style Concrete Countertop Sink Mold
Top: A ramp style sink.
Bottom: Our original round mold basin sink.

Custom Concrete Countertop Molds for Contractors and DIYers

River Alloy Designs develops custom decorative concrete countertop molds for residential and commercial applications. Custom Concrete Molds are available for concrete countertops, concrete sinks, tables and pedestals.

Call Toll Free for more information:

Custom Concrete Molds
Above: Levi points out a feature of one of his custom concrete countertop molds to a visitor at the World of Concrete 2007
Two examples of custom concrete molds from River Alloy Design. At top is the BeBe. At the bottom is the OKC. See our catalog for more concrete mold designs.

Concrete Molds
Are you interested in building your own concrete countertops? But, you don't have the facilities or tools necessary to create the molds, give us a call or drop an email. At River Alloy's facility we can prefab a mold to your specs and ship it to you. All you have to do is set it up, pour, seal and install.

We also manufacture some standard shaped bowls that are available for immediate shipping.

See our catalog of concrete mold designs.


  • Growing line of Standard Designs
  • Durable fiberglass construction
    for years of use
  • Easy to use — takes out the guess work
  • Custom molds available
  • Largest selection of molds in the industry

See Style Catalog
River Alloy understands that contractors use different methods for pouring their countertops. For that reason our molds are compatible with all methods. Essentially there are three methods for precast countertops:

  1. Dry pack and slurry filled, a method made popular by Buddy Rhodes.
  2. Using a slightly wetter mix that allows the mud to be poured yet keeping enough slump to stack the material over the sink mold.
  3. And by using this same mix (#2 above) and vibrating the material to solidify the pour as much as possible. This last method requires an additional mold, but produces wonderful results.

Additionally, we make a mold that is mounted to your form edges. Your countertops are poured to the top of the form edge and vibrated throughout the pour. At this point, attach the additional mold to the form edge. There is a hole in the top of the form that allows you to pour material in from the top, vibrate the pour, and completely solidify the counter. By using this additional mold your countertop, if made properly, will not necessitate any polishing of any kind. To achieve a smooth glass like finish your countertop needs to be finished in a manner that achieves this look.

Attachment of our sink molds to your counter form is simple. A base plate allows for the sink mold to be attached tightly to your base form. Then with either silicone or automotive bondo, one can place a smooth transition between the sink mold and the form base. If you have questions about this procedure please call us for assistance. We are available during normal business hours (Monday-Friday), Pacific Time.

River Alloy molds are finished with a very hard, highly polished gel coat finish. This type of coating not only adds great durability, but gives a beautiful finish on your concrete sink. Unlike rubber molds, our are repairable in the event they are damaged. With a purchase of your mold you will also be given directions for managing minor repairs. Depending on the damage, we have a policy whereby you can send your mold back for us to repair.

If you have an ideas for a concrete mold, whether it be a concrete vessel, a concrete farm sink, a concrete pedestal base, or a concrete pedestal sink, but just can't take it from idea to creation send me a drawing and I would be happy to create the mold for you.

For more information about our molds, including prices and our policies, please click here and submit a request form. We will contact you directly.

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