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Decorative Concrete for Exterior Uses, Outdoor BBQ's

A wide variety of stamps and custom patterns are available for creating an outdoor place that is distinctive and comfortable. From patios to pools, walkways and facades, River Alloy will help each customer realize their vision.

Concrete Pool Desks and Exterior Decorative Concrete


Although very limited in production today, River Alloy Designs has sustained from any new exterior overlays and staining. Please review our past projects to get an idea of the design, color, and patterns that can easily be applied to any interior application.

Outdoor BBQ's
On occasion we are requested to construct an outdoor island or kitchen arrangement. Of course the only way we will do it is if the customer agrees to that it will have vertical concrete sides and one of our concrete countertops. Please feel free to look through our selections in the slide show above. By all means, any of the concrete countertops can be created for interior applications.


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